The Decision for Care: What to Consider

Making the decision to seek help in caring for a loved one is not easy.  At InTouch at Home we recognize how difficult this decision can be, so here are a few suggestions to help make things easier for you:

1. Begin Early
Perhaps the most important advice we can offer is to start planning early. It is never too soon to talk about wishes, preferences, and desires when it comes to personal care and support.  Waiting until the need for help has become urgent can lead to hurried decisions and poor outcomes for everyone.

2. Include Other Family Members

Do not try to do everything yourself. Ask other family members to get involved, especially if they have a good relationship with the person who is in need of additional care and support.

3. Watch for Warning Signs

Watch for signs that your loved may need additional assistance.  Here are some possible signs to consider:

  • Are they more forgetful or confused?
  • Are they not eating enough?
  • Are they losing weight?
  • Are they wearing the same clothes several days in a row, or wearing clothes that are not clean?
  • Are they not bathing often enough, or do you detect a body or urine odor in the home?
  • Are they not taking their medications or forgetting to get them refilled?

4. Don't Tell Them What to Do

No one has all the answers, but by working together we can develop solutions. Offer options and ask your loved one about his or her preferences. Involving them in the decision process enables them to exercise control and independence.

5. Ask for Help

You don’t have to do this all on your own. There are people who can help, such as family members, close friends, and if necessary professionals. Our team at InTouch at Home can get involved in the conversation when you feel you are ready or just need a little help.  Call us today at 855-263-3740 to schedule a free onsite Home Safety Check or Wellness Evaluation.