Reap the Benefits of Living in the Moment

Research continues to reveal that living in the moment can improve one’s health. This ancient practice, known as mindfulness, refers to being completely aware of what is happening in the present; experiencing life as it unfolds moment to moment. In fact, a NIH- supported study revealed a direct link between mindfulness and measurable changes in the brain regions involved  in  memory,  learning and emotion. Studies also suggest mindfulness may help people manage stress, cope better with serious illness, improve their memory and reduce anxiety and depression. “Psychology Today” recommends these mindfulness strategies:

  • Reduce your self-consciousness
  • Savor each moment
  • Breathe
  • Let things flow
  • Accept the bad with the good
  • Be engaged

There are opportunities abound for you to savor moments. Plus, with the assistance of a home care company such as InTouch at Home, you'll find you now have even more time practicing mindfulness.