Safety Comes First When Transporting the Elderly

Whether it is getting to a doctor’s appointment or just running errands, assistance with transportation is one of our most requested services here at InTouch at Home.  Our trained staff work hard to ensure that every trip is both comfortable and as safe as possible for our clients.  Here are a few safety tips you can keep in mind when taking your aging love one on a trip:

  1. Vehicle safety: Make sure your vehicle is in good working order, including routine maintenance, safe tires, working seatbelts, etc.  Car trouble is the last thing you want to deal with while out and about with your loved one.

  2. Proper clothing and shoes: Makesure your loved one is properly dressed for the weather, keeping in mind that older adults are often more sensitive to temperature changes.  Additionally, make sure they are wearing comfortable well-soled shoes to help prevent slips and falls.

  3. Be careful getting in and out of the car: Use extra caution when helping your loved get into and out of the car.  If they have difficulty with mobility this is a time when they are at high risk of falling, and if they hold on to you too tightly you could get hurt as well.  There are a variety of assistive handles and devices that you can keep in your car to make getting in or out easier on both of you.

  4. Don’t forget their cane/walker/wheelchair: If your loved one requires an assistive device to get around, such as a cane or walker, make sure you bring it along for the trip.

  5. Special attention for dementia or other cognitive challenges: If your loved one has dementia or other cognitive challenges, he/she will require additional attention during outings.  Plan ahead so that you won’t have to leave them alone, this can include doing as many things as possible before leaving for your trip, such as eating, using the restroom, and gassing up the car. 

  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help: There is nothing wrong with seeking help with this especially challenging task.  Whether looking for an extra pair of hands, or someone to handle the entire transportation for you, there are people who can help.  Call us today to discuss your options: 855-263-3740.